Organizational Memberships

Corporate Partnership Council (CPC)

Organizational MembershipsOrganizational members of the Corporate Partnership Council are SWE’s premier supporters and publicly demonstrate their commitment to advancing a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive workforce for women in engineering and technology. As a CPC member, your organization has an enormous impact on advancing the critical mission of SWE!

CPC members empower SWE through providing consultation and insight in industry trends and development, and by supplying financial support for not only innovative projects but the operations and infrastructure of the Society as well.

Organizational MembershipsIn exchange, CPC members are encouraged to leverage SWE’s professional development programs to support their retention goals, augment their recruiting efforts through the SWE Annual Conference and online Career Center, and work through SWE’s vast membership to expand their K-12 outreach programs and pipeline initiatives.  Moreover, thrice-yearly meetings provide CPC members with a forum for networking and the sharing of best practices.  The list of current members can always be viewed on the dedicated CPC page on and on a large display onsite at our Annual Conference.

Organizational Memberships

Corporate Membership

Through SWE Corporate Membership, organizations can support their community outreach efforts and their recruitment and retention goals. Corporate Membership allows organizations the ability to take advantage of a platform by which to recognize their women engineers.  Corporate membership is a great vehicle to get employees involved and engaged in SWE activities. Individuals who benefit from Corporate Membership often become the SWE champions within an organization.

Corporate membership includes:

  • 9 individual SWE memberships
  • 4 registrations to SWE’s Annual Conference
  • Recognition as a SWE Annual Conference Patron Sponsor
  • 20% off Career Center purchases
  • Exclusive meeting for Corporate Members and their employees at SWE’s Annual Conference
  • Listing and link on SWE’s website, annual conference issue of SWE Magazine and annual report

Employer Sponsored Membership Program:

Organizations who wish to enroll a significant number of their employees as SWE members can benefit from Employer Sponsored Membership.  This program increases global access for engineers, technologists and their employers to SWE’s programs and services.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is ideal for local government agencies, universities, and small firms (under $50M in revenue per year)

  • 3 individual SWE memberships
  • 1 registration to SWE’s Annual Conference
  • Two 60-day postings on SWE’s Career Center
  • Listing on SWE’s website and annual report
Organizational Memberships
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