Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership

Student Programs

Despite having abilities equal to those of boys, girls often stop “seeing” themselves in the fields of math and science by the time they reach high school. To change the current perspective of engineering and technology fields among girls and their adult advocates, SWE created a collection of outreach programs. The long-term goal of SWE’s K-12 Outreach programming is to open pathways for girls to become engineers and create gender equity in the field.

One of SWE’s outreach programs is called SWENext. SWENext is a way for students to join SWE and provides resources for parents and educators to engage girls in engineering and technology. Membership in SWENext is free and girls 13-18 can sign up on their own; girls under 13 are allowed to join when the parent agrees to be the primary contact. Current benefits to members, families, and educators are as follows:

  • High school awards and recognition programs.
  • High school leadership training, networking and outreach.
  • Meet ups and hands-on events at our conferences around the world.
  • SWENext Clubs and club challenges.
  • Monthly newsletters with downloadable engineering activities
  • Up-to-date information about outreach events (camps, competitions, etc.) hosted by SWE and its partners.
  • A catalog of available scholarships for engineering school offered by SWE and partner organizations.
  • Best practices on applying for scholarships and internships.
  • Quarterly webinars, where engineers from various disciplines discuss the work that they do.
  • Resources for families and educators that can help effectively promote a career in engineering to their daughters and/or female engineering students.
Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership
Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership
Awards, Competitions and Collegiate Scholarships

Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI)

The goal of the CLI is to equip collegiate members identified as future leaders with the key skills, knowledge, and capacity that will enable them to be global leaders in their engineering career.  Specifically the CLI has participants:

  • Recognize the leadership challenges of emerging complex social issues – particularly those that they will face as leaders over the next couple of decades as they move into the business and professional world.
  • Hone their ability to influence others and work in teams.

Be recognized as a supporter and developer of collegiate women engineers and technologists.  Your organization will be recognized on all materials for the participants (throughout the year) as well as through signage at the CLI kick-off at SWE’s Annual Conference.  Gain even more recognition for your organization and opportunities at your organization by providing mentors to the CLI participants.

SWENext Investor

For SWE to advance its mission, it is vital that we inspire and develop the next generation of female engineers and technologists. With almost 5000 SWENext members and over 2000 alumnus members, SWE is seeking to expand the SWENext program over the next several years. To support this growth, the SWENext Investor sponsorship opportunity provides our existing partners the chance to highlight their commitment to K-12 Outreach for girls in STEM (which includes student, parent, and educator programming).

This opportunity streamlines support of K-12 Outreach programming for organizations who wish to make a significant contribution to the outreach efforts of SWE. As a SWENext Investor, organizations are a catalyst for change by making professions in engineering and technology an attractive career path for girls and underrepresented minorities. Through SWE’s Outreach Metric tool and other evaluative studies, SWE will regularly update you on the ROI of K-12 Outreach work. By participating in this program, you will be recognized as an organization that has made an investment in the future of the engineering profession.

Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership

SWENext Investor Benefits:

  • Further align your organization as a leader in shaping the future of engineering by partnering with SWE
  • High visibility at SWE’s Annual Conference and WE Locals all five that are in the US
  • Recognition on SWE’s website (
  • Recognition through a house ad in each edition of SWE Magazine
  • Right of first refusal for an exhibitor table (one 10×10) at SWE’s Annual Conference Outreach Expo ($1,500 value, may purchase additional space)
  • Priority for programming opportunities (workshops/panels)
  • Opportunities to participate in podcasts, webinars, and social media engagement with SWENexters
  • Opportunity to connect with students through SWENext programming
  • Guarantee that SWE will promote your Outreach event/s to SWENexters (ex. Job shadowing, service days, etc.)
  • Guarantee that SWE will promote your internships to SWENext alumni

SWENext High School Program at Annual Conference

High school girls can experience the creative and innovative sides of engineering through hands-on projects alongside real engineers. Up to 200 students work with SWE members from around the world on hands-on engineering activities; meet real engineers and learn what they do; make new friends; explore the Outreach Expo during exclusive hours to learn about clubs, camps, competitions, and much more. Additionally, the participants get an “Invent It. Build It.” t-shirt, bag, and various goodies; are eligible for raffle prizes; and have lunch with SWE engineers. As a sponsor, you will receive recognition on all communications sent to recruit and inform the participants, onsite signage, recognition on the conference website and the opportunity to provide an item in the “goodie-bag” for the students.

SWENext Community Award

This award encourages students to envision solutions to problems within their communities using science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), and show a capacity to pursue STEM careers. These awards are given to SWENexters in their freshman or sophomore year of high school who have been actively engaged in the SWE community, have a solid understanding of engineering principles, playing a role in serving their own community, and demonstrate strong leadership skills. Sponsors will receive name recognition on the award itself, signage at the event, and the opportunity for a booth at the Outreach Expo.

SWENext Global Innovator Award

Available for up to 5 students each year per sponsorship, the SWENext Global Innovator Award recognizes engineering excellence in female students in their junior or senior year of high school across the country. Sponsors will receive name recognition on the award, promotions and signage.

Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership

High School Leadership Academy

The SWENext High School Leadership Academy (SHLA) provides custom programming to high school students selected for their leadership potential (25-50). Participants learn about college admissions in engineering, receive mentorship training, and connect with women in college and industry. Sponsors may be able to participate in a panel, facilitate a company tour, or workshop/hands-on activity (if you have an activity, it must be approved by SWE).

Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership

Be That Engineer Brochure

The Society of Women Engineer’s “Be That Engineer” brochure describes what an engineer is and why girls should consider engineering as a career.  It goes on to demonstrate how SWENext, SWE’s membership for pre-college students can help.  It concludes with a “Pick Your Dream” section that features real SWE members in twenty one different engineering disciplines.

We print these in runs of 10,000 and we distribute them:

  • At Events and festivals
  • Upon request at no cost to SWE sections/members hosting events
  • Through our SWENext member mailing
Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership

Outreach Expo at Annual Conference

The Outreach EXPO takes place on the Saturday of Annual Conference and serves girls, families, educators and SWE members. We are expecting between 1500 and 2000 participants. Exhibitors are asked to share information about careers, engineering clubs, camps, after-school programs, competitions, best practices and outreach grants. Exhibitors are encouraged to have a hands-on component.

We print these in runs of 10,000 and we distribute them:

  • At Events and festivals
  • Upon request at no cost to SWE sections/members hosting events
  • Through our SWENext member mailing
Student Programs: K-12 Outreach and Collegiate Leadership
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